About Us

Coolant Management.

As an authorized distributor of Master Fluid Solutions for over 40 years, having our own in-house testing laboratory and having the technical knowledge of the product - we have the experience you can count on.  Need coolant fast - we have our warehouse of on-hand inventory when you need coolant fast.  Are you under pressure?  Let us help with your insert geometries and determining which high pressure coolant to will take you farther.

Vending Solutions.
By combining our strategic planning and tooling initiatives - we offer customers a number of unique solutions when it comes to managing their tools as well as any other raw materials.  In a safe, secure and electronically managed environment - the end product is reliable and our automated system enables your employees to spend less time managing inventory and more time at the spindle.  Whatever your needs are - we have you covered.

Engineered Cutting Tools.

Our partnerships with multiple tool manufacturers across the country allow us the ability to bring you the best possible special tool option for the job without sacrificing long lead times. We work with our customers to develop the best options to complete the job and save you money.  Need it fast?  No problem - in some cases we have special tools designed, developed and manufactured within twenty-four hours.

Turn Key Tool Setup.
Whether it's time to purchase a new machine or you're changing over tooling for a new job - we specialize in offering complete tool-up packages.  We represent the best tool manufacturers in the industry, allowing us to customize the best unique tooling solution for your individual needs.  By working with our engineering teams, we can ensure that your new tool is able to begin work immediately upon arrival - allowing you to put more profit in your pocket faster.

Engineering Consulting.

There isn't an issue we can’t handle! Our engineers are available to offer on-site assessment of machining hurdles and we offer CNC programming to help overcome an array of problems.  With mechanical engineers, service experts and many staff with over four decades of manufacturing experience - we have the experience for your needs. Whether its solving manufacturing problems, developing faster cycle times or utilizing different tool geometries - we will find a solution to make you more successful.

Tool Reconditioning.
With multiple Anca 5-Axis machines and a grind shop managed by a Tool & Die expert with over twenty-five years of grinding experience - we can handle it all. Our capabilities include regrinding  and resharpening of drills, end-mills, reamers and custom developed tool solutions. We understand our customers suffer from prolonged downtime without their tools and also that situations are going to come up.  Our customers are the reason we offer this service and will even personally pick-up and deliver your tools when those emergencies occur

Ball Screws Repair.

We partner with Wedin International to provide the best quality ball screws and repair services available.  Paving the way for the industry, Wedin created a system that allows us to provide the highest quality products ensuring customers success. We created Acme standards - recognized by the United States government and have exclusive partnerships with multiple tool manufacturers for all of your needs

Gaging & Metrology.
Keeping tolerance is our job. When it comes to tight tolerances, we know that microns matter.  Keeping accuracy is a must and we are at your service.  Calibration, Service, Sales - whatever it is that you need, we can get it.  We provide the best gauges available, but also have the ability to service them - ensuring the accuracy which you depend on.

CNC Programming.

We make sure you are efficient. With our experienced team of engineers and decades of machining experience - we can have programming done at your facility or even remotely program your CNC machine, regardless of the issue. Whether you are seeking to cut cycle times or have concerns with your current process - we are the last stop when it comes to solving your CNC programming problems and needs.

MRO | PPE Industrial Supplies.
We want what is best for your entire business, so let us help service your entire operation.  Did you know that we can meet all of your MRO and PPE industrial product needs?  With over 25,000 products in stock, we can support your entire faciltiy.  Our partnerships with national, preferred suppliers allows us to save you money from start to finish.  We are your partner in production and here to support all of your business needs.